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cakeanddaniel's Journal

Mmmm.... Cake and Daniel
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Cake and Daniel. What else is there to explain. Two of the yummiest things on the planet together at last.

Mmmmmmmmichael Shanks. I love how his name starts with an M. Keeps me from having to put a space in there. --haplessweasel

...and then there was the episode with the bondage. Yes folks, that Unas does only what every SG-1 fangirl wants to do herself: tie up Daniel and drag him back to her den. --fallenangelfish on "The First Ones"

So, what are we for? Mostly being Daniel whores. And loving the cake. Cake is good.

Anyway, feel free to post musings, fanfic, icons, reviews and general droolage. And recipes if you want...

I just ask the following:
  • Long posts (fanfic, recipies, polls, and more than 2 icons) get LJ-Cut (Here's how to make one)
  • Spoilers get LJ Cut (9th season spoilers definitely, but try to be fair to those without cable and cut the 8th season ones too)
  • Be at least slash-friendly. You don't have to actively ship or anything, just be tolerant if it comes up
  • No ship bashing. You can admit to not being a fan of a particular pairing, just no insulting people for liking a different pairing. You can express shock at some though, I mean like Daniel/Thor is just right out (I REALLY hope no one has written anything like that. Besides, how would it work).
  • No Jonas bashing. I mean, yes he replaced our beloved for a while, but I still kinda like him. And if we bash him we can't write Daniel/Jonas fics for fun. (Plus he looks like one of my ling professors, it's freaking eerie)
  • I guess the above three rules mean no bashing in general. In other words: Don't be an ass.
  • By all means, act fucking crazy. You'll probably fit in better.

    And also:
  • If you're going to pimp a community it needs to be either Stargate or Michael Shanks related. All Off-Topic community pimpage will be deleted.

    Community maintainer: spyderqueen
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